Barn Raising

Friday & Saturday—The raising of a barn frame

Come over to the barn-raising site by the herb garden area and see the way early homesteaders handcrafted barns from logs felled from the virgin forest using a broadax, adz and handsaw. On Friday and Saturday we’ll assemble and raise the wall beams of an eighteenth-century barn.



Historic Buildings Tour

On Friday and Saturday afternoons, join us at 4:30 for a walking tour of seven restored buildings at Brazos de Dios. Over the years, we have moved these eighteenth- and nineteenth-century buildings from various parts of the United States and rebuilt them at our farm, not out of a desire to live in the past, but to preserve the good things of the past for the present and the future.

Annual Benefit Auction

On Saturday, November 29th, we will auction off two historic barn frames and one timber frame handcrafted from new timbers by sealed bid to the highest bidder*, with all proceeds going to The Ploughshare Institute for Sustainable Culture.

Combining an Old World architectural form dating from the eleventh century with the virgin forest resources of the New World resulted in a handcrafted building that was never seen before and can never be reproduced again. A masterpiece from a bygone age preserved in the sublime simplicity of a working building with over two centuries of stories to tell, this building will speak of quality, craftsmanship and tradition to all who enter it.

The sale price includes the complete timber frame structure cleaned, restored, fumigated, delivered and reerected on your foundation**.

The barns will be available to view at the Fair.

The two barn frames being auctioned this year are:

- Warnerville Barn
This timber-framed barn is built primarily from rough-sawn eastern hemlock and pine timbers. The main connecting ties measure 10″x11″, and the wall posts are also very large.

- Pattersonville Hops Barn
This timber-framed hops barn was built originally circa 1870 near Pattersonville, NY. The barn is a mixture of sawn and hand-hewn timbers, which is a common feature of timber-framed buildings of this time period.

Photos and additional details on these two special timber frame structures can be found at


* Bids may be submitted any time prior to 6:00 pm Saturday, November 29, after which time all bids will be opened and the winner announced. All bids and inquiries may be directed to Kevin Durkin, care of Heritage Restorations, 257 Fort Graham Rd, Waco TX—or call (254) 744-4148. Bids may be submitted at the fair or via e-mail to During the fair, for information about the barn frame or the bidding, please ask for Kevin Durkin or Caleb Tittley at the barn-raising area.

** Ask about international delivery.