A Thank You Note…

This note was sent to us by a dear friend of ours from Israel who is a relative of members of our community.

We are all dependent on rain, and even if it sometimes turns our plans upside down, we’ll never complain. Without it things would surely be worse.

And so it happened that the so longed for fair turned to be in a way disappointing.

But not for too long. Those wonderful people who never rest, whose minds are so creative and always find a way – very quickly found an original solution and everything else is history.

It was a very special fair, although the expectations for thousands of visitors didn’t come true. [8,000 did come :-)]

But something else came up. There was a special feeling of togetherness, of hope. People were happy because the aim has been reached.

In Hebrew we have a saying – each delay is for the best. This was exactly what I felt. Although I’m not officially part of you, you all became part of me. Being part means mutuality; that’s what I feel.

Thanks for all you did, not giving up; for working non-stop.

Thank you for the unbelievable music the most interesting seminars, the food, the shows.

Thank you for the opportunity to meet each other – as there weren’t so many visitors – and thank you for what you are.

— I love you very much and am so happy to be able to share with you, Savta Shosh