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Aquaponics – Fish Arriving This Week

We’re getting very close to finishing our Aquaponics Green House! The fish will arrive and be in the tanks this week. Here’s how it works: The fish will live in large tanks in the ground. We will then pump that nutrient rich water up and through the grow beds, which have a layer of small rocks, then a layer of special wicking fabric that draws the water up to the soil, and then waters the plants that are planted in the soil. (The wicking fabric also keeps the soil from being washed away and into the fish tanks.) By the time the water has circulated through all the grow beds it returns back to the fish tanks as clean, filtered water, full of oxygen and nutrients from the plants that help keep the fish happy and healthy.

We will have a duckweed growing tank, which is what will feed the fish. You skim the duckweed off the top, feed it to the fish, and then the duckweed grows back for the next feeding. So the fish feed the plants and the plants feed the fish!


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