Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

BBQ Brisket: New For The 2014 Fair

We have a new food item on the list for this year’s Fair: Texas-style Barbecue Brisket. With 33 large briskets slotted to go into the smoker Thanksgiving week, (enough to serve about 1200 people), stop and get some fast before its all gone. But if you miss it at the Fair, be sure to swing by the Red Wagon BBQ trailer parked next to our grocery store, serving fresh BBQ every Saturday afternoon. Pit Masters Joe and Pat were trained by some of the best Barbecue Chefs in Texas on how to cook the most melt-in-your-mouth brisket around. Pit Master, Joe Slack told us about some customers he had recently and their comments on the food:

Yesterday Andy from Austin visited the order window of the Red Wagon Barbecue trailer situated next to the Homestead Grocery of Homestead Heritage in Elm Mott, Texas. He noticed the BBQ sign on his way to the Craft Village and decided to come in. “Give me a half pound of brisket, sliced, and a chicken leg quarter” he said. “Do you want anything to drink or how about some beans, potato salad or coleslaw on the side?” “No thanks, just the meat.” A little while later, I went outside and asked him how his food was tasting. “This is fantastic, see, there’s nothing left. I eat at the best barbecues in Austin, often, and this is definitely the same style. I just wish I lived a little closer.”
(Austin, Texas has been written about and spoken of as having the best barbecue anywhere, with Louie Muellers, John Muellers, LA Barbecue and Franklin Barbecue as number 1 in the world by Texas Monthly/50 Best Barbecues in Texas Quest, July 2013.)

A friend of ours stopped by with his son and said, “My son is visiting from Kansas City, which by the way, Kansas City is a huge barbecue town, very famous for its barbecue, so since my son is visiting here from Kansas City, I came to the Red Wagon just to get him some real Texas Barbecue.”


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