Homestead Fair


Building Works of Art at the Potter’s House

We’ve had more student potters than usual this year, so our master potters are  looking forward to a large and beautiful collection of hand built, hand thrown pottery for sale during the Homestead Fair! Look for their displays in the Pavilion, you can’t miss the sleek, shiny pots gleaming with their earth toned and colored glazes.

Our potters fire these pots in a wood burning kiln outside the Potter’s House in the Homestead Craft Village. Stop by before the Fair (and any time during the year) to see our potters crafting pots from slabs of clay and using this special, hand built kiln.

The potters will be giving pottery making demonstrations all three days of the Fair and there will be a place for you and the kids to try your hand at making a small pinch pot out of clay!


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