Homestead Fair


Weaving Booth Ready

The Fiber Arts weaving booth is set up and waiting your arrival! (Check out all the photos below.) We finished weaving 182 scarves for the Fair and used 77.43 miles of Chenille! We started weaving these beautiful, warm scarves right after Labor Day this year. Come by and get one for yourself or as a … Read more

Weaving Chenille Scarves

For the past six weeks teachers and students have been helping to weave rigid heddle scarves for our fair. We put enough chenille on each loom to weave 6 – 8 scarves at a time. When finished we take the whole roll of scarves off the loom, wash and then dry them. Yohannah with the … Read more

Advancing The Loom

To advance my loom I put the beater bar at rest. Then I take off the hook and roll the bottom bar forward. Finally I roll the top bar. Now I can continue to weave on my scarf for the fair. -Tikvah K. age 7   [envira-gallery id=”3912″]

Linen Totes In Progress

Noa is starting to mangle the 50 linen totes that the teachers and students wove during our two week long class, “Weaving Extravaganza” in August. This mangle is an antique mangle that Jed Owen just refinished for us and it works like a charm! The linen comes out the other side soft and supple and … Read more

Fiber Crafts


If you’ve never heard the sound of a loom in use, now is the time to stop in and see the beautiful products that the weavers are producing for the Fair! From plant to spinning wheel, to loom to finished item, this shop is a busy beehive of activity, as well as a rainbow palette … Read more