An Exodus – Audiovisual Presentation

“The Lower East Side of Manhattan was a sort of dead end—a no-hope place for a lot of people. And of all the dark places that they could have come to, it was one of the very darkest.” 

So begins an interview with Barry Hersh, a native of the Lower East Side, as he recalls how Blair and Regina Adams came to “Hell’s Kitchen” in 1973 and founded the ministry that ultimately birthed the agrarian community of Homestead Heritage.

Through engaging interviews with dozens of community members, this fast-moving, documentary-style feature tells the story and vision of Homestead Heritage. Humorous anecdotes, powerful personal testimonies and insightful commentary all come together with archival photographs and contemporary video to convey a sense of the journey. In addition to the historical chronology, brief segments of the film are dedicated to particular facets of life at Homestead Heritage to help bring greater understanding into the motives behind their unique cultural “exodus.”

“We were all these folks living in the slums and ex-city dwellers . . . . But we did it! And if we could do it, then everybody—and anybody—could do it.” 

– interview with  founder Blair Adams



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