Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

Hands On – Popcorn!

Do you love warm, fluffy white popcorn drizzled with butter and well salted? If you do, you’ll enjoy heading over to the Gristmill and either purchasing a bag of already shelled popcorn, or head over to the Shell-Your-Own popcorn table! Using good, old fashioned metal hand held popcorn shellers, you’ll get a full ear of popcorn to shell into a bowl. Experience the sound of your own popcorn springing into the stainless steel bowl and watch the corn transform from what looks like corn on the cob to a real bag of popcorn. Then bag it up and take it home with you to enjoy on these chilly late fall evenings! Kids of all ages enjoy shelling their own and learning that popcorn indeed comes from a real plant, not just in a microwaveable bag from the store.


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