Homestead Fair


Homestead Farms: Preparations Are In Full Swing

Sorting through native, Texas pecans straight from our trees on the lower farmland in the Brazos River Valley, we’ll make 250 pounds of Seasoned Pecans to sale at the 2014 Fair.

With 9 different flavors, 4,142 jars of jelly made from locally grown fruit is sure to be a hit with any one who likes fruit jelly! Stop by the Homestead Farms Booth at the back of the Pavilion. We’re to the right hand side and in the wing.

Bubbling in large, stainless steel pots is our own Sorghum Brittle made with our own Sorghum Syrup and Native Texas Pecans, as well as Sorghum Caramels. Our goal is to make 3,000 Caramels before the Fair.

The Sorghum was pressed and cooked during our Labor Day Sorghum Festival, but if you haven’t seen the press yet, make your way past the Herb Garden and towards the Hayrides. The Sorghum House is back in the trees.