Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

Make Your Own Soap Balls

One of the best things about the Fair is it that everyone from oldest to the youngest can participate. Even the littlest children can help out with a parent or older sibling, and it’s a tremendously exciting time of  year. We just received this update from one of our families on a project that they are preparing this year:

“My five year old, Luke, and I just finished grating up approximately 70 lbs. (half of the seventeen batches) of homemade soap for our Make Your Own Soap Ball booth yesterday. We had a great time together and he valiantly pushed the plunger “all by himself” for a couple of hours. His arms are a little sore today, as is my back, but we press on to now grate up the pink soap! The soap shavings will be stirred in flats for a few days to finish drying before they are measured, weighed and bagged. We are only doing about 700 this year. Luke has practically grown up in the booth, making his debut as our un-official mascot at three weeks of age at our 21st annual fair. He wasn’t much help at that point. My daughter, Deborah, also cut 61 yards of fabric for the pretty wrapping around the soap balls. That’s all for now. Hope to see you at the Fair. Come by and see us in the Make Your Own tent.”  – Anne Dumont.

Visit the Make Your Own Tent any day of the Fair and you can make one of these very soap balls!

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