Homestead Fair


Our Queen Sized Quilt

When the clock struck 5:00 a. m. yesterday morning, I finally quilted the last stitch in the queen-sized quilt that my sister Didi, our friend Helen and I have been working on since July of this year for our Fair. We jumped up and began singing with our friends Liz and Debbie (who were working on their own projects and came over to keep us company).  We had set up the quilt frame out in my Dad’s shop and have been quilting until the wee hours of the morning for most nights during the past couple of months. Many of our friends have stopped by while we were working to offer moral support and check on our progress. Now we are sewing the binding along the edges and quilting the pillow shams. It will be finished just in time!

(This quilt has 9 pieced baskets with applique branches and leaves, but has yet to be named.)


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