Homestead Fair


Woodworking for little hands

This year the little guys are getting in on some sanding projects; and they’re all really excited about it! Most kids don’t start in the Wood Shop with tools until they’re 9 or 10 – these projects are perfect, however, for nearly all ages.

Last week everyone who wanted to sand a project came by the Wood Shop for a cutting board. This week there’s little wooden bears for the Climbing Bear toys waiting for all those eager little hands to rub them until they’re silky smooth.

First, the kids start with a rough cut out of the cutting board or bear, then they start with 120 grit sand paper. After the 120 they go to 220, after that, 320. Then they’ll oil the boards or bears for a nice finishing shine.

Be sure to look for a nice collection of these hand smoothed projects in the Wood Booth at the Fair! It’s located at the back left side of the Pavilion.