Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

Woodworking: From Tree to Basket!

We are gearing up for our upcoming fair in just a few more days! There are many demonstrations and seminars that will be going on throughout the day so please view our schedule to see the list to plan out which ones you will want to attend.

One that I am particularly excited about is a brand new demo. I will start with a white oak log and demonstrate how to prepare the material to make a basket, using wedges, a froe, an axe, a drawknife and even a couple tools that I made special for this purpose. All the while our basket maker will be weaving the basket with the wood that I will be preparing. If we have time we will show you how the handles are shaped and even steam bent. This is going to be an exciting and action packed demo starting at 3:00 on Friday and Saturday.

We look forward to seeing you there!

– Our Master Woodworker, Frank Strazza

Prepared Wood Basket Materials