Homestead Fair


Bee Keeping

Come by the Bee Booth at the Homestead Fair! We have locally sourced honey for sale, along with many other bee related products. Friday and Saturday¬† at 11:00 AM life-long Beekeeper Randy Oakley will be giving a free presentation on bee keeping. Our other beekeepers will also be available to answer your questions throughout the … Read more

Seminar Presentations

Seminars and Presentations run throughout the day, every day. These are easily overlooked yet are one of the most valuable, education and informative opportunities available at the Fair. Our craftsmen, teachers, experts and community members discuss a wide array of topics ranging from simple skills agriculture and sustainability to the interchange between society, religion, education … Read more

Fluffy Little Chicks

Inside the Poultry Barn (#17 on the hand-out), we have baby chicks for sale! Take a look inside the egg hatcher as little yellow chicks come peeping out into the world. If you ever had questions on raising chickens from egg to chicken – this is your chance to ask your questions! Be sure to … Read more