Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

Meet The Band: Our Piano Player

We are tuning up new and old songs for afternoon and evening music at the Fair!

Our main piano player, Philip Lancaster has been playing piano for 32 years now. He also writes many of the orchestra compositions for our Homestead Fair evening music, including a new instrumental for the orchestra that he is preparing for this year’s Fair.

Many of you from the Waco area will probably recognize and remember Philip as the guy who helps guide and direct the school groups that come out on field trips throughout the year on their tour of our farm, Brazos De Dios.

Philip has also taught piano to many of the kids in our Community over the years. In 2011, together with another longtime pianist and fellow piano teacher from our community, he developed a piano curriculum called Dynamic Piano, which will be on display for sale during the Fair. You can also find it available for purchase year-round at The Barn gift shop in the Homestead Craft Village.