Homestead Fair


THANK YOU for our Best Friday Ever

Thanks to all of you, we had our biggest day of all time! Over 9200 people came to the Fair today! That’s not only our biggest Friday ever, it’s our biggest day across the board.

We sold out of BBQ Brisket in the first hour-and-a-half and sold out the BBQ chicken an hour later! One visitor told us “You’ve taken brisket to new heights!”. We’re making more for tomorrow but it you want some, you’d better arrive early!

We popped TWO 55-gallon drums of popcorn kernels for kettle corn (wow!),  dished out all the baked potatoes (we’re baking more tonight!) sold out all the of tea packages and expect to sell out of bottled tea by noon tomorrow as well as the Mediterranean chicken.

Went through 1500 lbs of Fries and a number of folks told us all the food was “phenomenal”.

The Make-Your-Own tent unexpectedly ran out of spatulas (more are being prepared for tomorrow!). Children built, painted and set to sail 380 Wooden Toy Sail Boats. We ran out of make-your-felt balls but more will be available tomorrow.

Friday afternoon and evening music was a great success, especially the live “Piano Lesson” and Orange Blossom Special instrumental performed by our orchestra (see the image below of the “train smoke”!)

A young lady, age 19, told us she’s been to every Fair since she was 11 days old. Thank you so much for coming out every year, we count it a special privilege to have friends like you!

This is looking to be our best Fair ever. THANK YOU!

See you again tomorrow!


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