Homestead Fair


Delicious Apple Cider Donuts

We will be making 6,500 Apple Cider Donuts for all to enjoy at the Fair this year. Starting this evening we will be mixing up the batches of dough and tomorrow we’ll begin the process of hand cutting each donut…! This scrumptious baked good is only available during the Fair, so don’t miss your chance … Read more

Saturday Kiln Firing in Progress

We’re in the middle of the first of many kiln firings for this Fair. Right now the kiln is reading approximately 1750 degrees Fahrenheit (whew, that’s hot!). You can’t see it too well in the photos but if you look inside, you can catch a glimpse of a very unusual environment: everything is glowing in … Read more

Meet The Band: Our Piano Player

Philip Lancaster, our piano player

We are tuning up new and old songs for afternoon and evening music at the Fair! Our main piano player, Philip Lancaster has been playing piano for 32 years now. He also writes many of the orchestra compositions for our Homestead Fair evening music, including a new instrumental for the orchestra that he is preparing for … Read more

Ready for the Platform

The tent is up and ready for the platform! We’ll have a crew of 25 or so guys today setting up the blocks and moving the platform sections into place. When the platform is done it will hold around 170 musicians and singers and the tent will seat around 1500.