Homestead Fair


Samples and Treats

Anyone love good old fashioned grits? How about Jalapeno Cheesy Corn Grits? Stop by the Gristmill this weekend for a free sample! Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never view grits the same way again. Anyone love mixes and fresh food? These pre-bagged mixes from our Gristmill make wonderful Christmas gifts for all ages. Looking forward … Read more

Hands On – Popcorn!

Do you love warm, fluffy white popcorn drizzled with butter and well salted? If you do, you’ll enjoy heading over to the Gristmill and either purchasing a bag of already shelled popcorn, or head over to the Shell-Your-Own popcorn table! Using good, old fashioned metal hand held popcorn shellers, you’ll get a full ear of … Read more

Hand Made Granola

Stop by the Gristmill and pick up some of the best tasting granola around! These make great snacks, or as a cereal, mix into yogurt, or however else you like your granola. If you miss getting yours during the Fair, be sure to stop by and ask for it in the Gristmill or Homestead Market. … Read more

Inside The Gristmill

Corn Grits

Built circa 1760, our restored Gristmill originally came from Long Valley, New Jersey. (You can read more about the history of the Gristmill here: Inside we found young Ethan helping sift freshly ground Cumin and several other folks bagging up stone ground corn grits and other milled products. If you’re looking for some of … Read more