Homestead Fair

Ticket Sales Start 9/1/2024

Many Hands Make Light Work!

Friends, neighbors and cousins all gather together to make beautiful baskets for this year’s Fair. Our youngest weavers start by making simple baskets with easy to weave patterns and branch out into more difficult and intricate patterns as they grow older and gain skill through years of classes.    

Hand Woven Baskets

Did you know that basketry is one of the few things that have to be done by hand? Every basket you see, someone wove by hand. Stop by the basket booth in the Craft Pavilion and look at these baskets made by our students and teachers these past several months.

The shelves are filling up!

Most folks only see the end result for a couple of days, but getting all of those gorgeous crafts and other products set out and properly displayed does take a while. I strolled through the pavilion last night and lots of booths have already been hard at work. I even found some new items I … Read more

Handwoven Baskets

The basket weavers have woven a delightful selection of beautiful baskets for this year’s Fair! Enjoy baskets made by beginner students right on up to the experienced weaver’s product. Some of this year’s baskets were woven out of willow gathered right here in the US. During the year, our baskets are on display in the … Read more