Homestead Fair


Hand-Crafted Pottery

Many eager little children have gathered outside and worked with clay to make little sugar spoons, butter dishes and more for the Fair. For some of the smallest, it was their first Fair project! We signed each little work of art and set them to dry for a couple weeks. After the pottery dried, we … Read more

A Glimpse of the 2018 Fair on Saturday

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for once again coming out and joining us for the Fair this weekend! With a record breaking attendance of 23,000+ we had a great time and wanted to share a glimpse of our photos from the Saturday of the Fair with you. We would also love to … Read more

From Lumps of Clay into Beautiful Pots

The Potter’s are very busy spinning raw lumps of clay into beautiful pots, mugs, lamps, bowls and more! Some Potters are weaving clay pots by hand. A new hands on project for this year’s Fair: making your own woven clay basket with one of our experienced potters to help guide you!  

Hand Built Pottery by Students

These hand built plates, bowls, platters and napkin rings were carefully rolled, laid, cut and smoothed by our youngest first year students. This age group is from 6-13, and they’ve created an entire 16 piece dinner set by hand for this year’s Fair. Each piece has been hand signed by each child. We are hoping … Read more