Homestead Fair


Music Preparations in Full Swing

Over 250 young people ages six and older have been working hard to prepare for this Fair’s music! Don’t miss the afternoon programs at 2:30 PM on Friday and Saturday during the Fair, including bluegrass, children’s choirs, youth orchestra and more surprises!

A Glimpse of the 2018 Fair on Saturday

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for once again coming out and joining us for the Fair this weekend! With a record breaking attendance of 23,000+ we had a great time and wanted to share a glimpse of our photos from the Saturday of the Fair with you. We would also love to … Read more

6 to 9 year old choir practice

These little kids are preparing several new songs this year for the Fair!   They’re learning to use sign language, sing in tune and clap their hands in rhythm together.     This is also a great choir for our younger musicians to learn to play their instruments together and accompany the choir on. They’re … Read more

6 To 9 Year Old Children’s Choir

Kids Choir

When I was a kid, I sang in the 6-9 year old children’s choir. We didn’t have a whole lot of kids in my class, and the most complicated thing we did was learn sign language while singing a song. Now I have a child in the 6-9 year old children choir (which numbers about … Read more