Homestead Fair


A Glimpse of the 2018 Fair on Saturday

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for once again coming out and joining us for the Fair this weekend! With a record breaking attendance of 23,000+ we had a great time and wanted to share a glimpse of our photos from the Saturday of the Fair with you. We would also love to … Read more

Bath Fizzies

We have just finished making and labeling 729 bath fizzies for the Fair! Some are in the Soap booth outside the Craft Pavilion, the rest will be found in our Gift Barn. (The Gift Barn carries them year-round) This year’s soap booth scents include: Muscle Soak Lavender Rose Mango Apricot Moonlit Surf White Jasmine Gardenia … Read more

Soaps Are Ready To Clean

There’s nothing better than a bar of fresh, homemade soap. Our bath soaps are made in small batches by hand using all natural ingredients, and every kind has a unique scent and color to freshen and brighten your kitchen or bathroom. Each soap has the original glycerin left in, and we add other oils and … Read more

Packaging Soap

Packaging Soap

We’ve been packaging our hand made soap this week and even little people can help. Each of our bars of soap come from small, hand made batches that cure 6 weeks before packaging. We packaged 225 bars of soap that are now awaiting labels. There’s multiple scents to choose from, and some specialty holiday scents … Read more