Homestead Fair


Kai Tea

We have award winning Kai Tea for sale at the Homestead Fair! Come by and sample some and choose your favorite blends for the winter evenings.


New for this year’s Fair – Stroopwafles made with an authentic recipe from the Netherlands! These freshly baked waffle cone style waffles are filled with a special carmel sauce for you to eat and enjoy. Find these delicious newcomers in the Shakes and Lattes booth (number 7 on the handout map) and enjoy them with … Read more

A Glimpse of the 2018 Fair on Saturday

Thank you to all our friends and neighbors for once again coming out and joining us for the Fair this weekend! With a record breaking attendance of 23,000+ we had a great time and wanted to share a glimpse of our photos from the Saturday of the Fair with you. We would also love to … Read more

A new Food Court for the 2017 Fair!

Food Court B is being completely replaced with a wonderful new building this year One-of-a-kind yummy treats (served only at the Fair!) has always been one of the biggest attractions and we have a lot of hungry people to serve! We are always looking for better ways to get everyone their order quickly and this … Read more

Grilled Corn new for Fair

The Anzaldua Family has prepared a new tasty treat: Grilled Mexican Corn! While watching them grilling this week, a young man came running up to them after eating one of the grilled corn on the cobs, exclaiming. “That was THE BEST corn I have EVER eaten!” They said they soak the corn for multiple hours, … Read more

The Fair Opens This Week!

The Fair opens this Friday at 9:00 AM! We’re all super excited and busily finishing up all the last minute projects. Here’s a few things going on in various places: As you come on to Halbert Lane, you’ll notice a new building to your right; many have wondered “what is it for?” It’s a new … Read more

The shelves are filling up!

Most folks only see the end result for a couple of days, but getting all of those gorgeous crafts and other products set out and properly displayed does take a while. I strolled through the pavilion last night and lots of booths have already been hard at work. I even found some new items I … Read more

The apples arrived!

Every year we get a big truck load of apples from Colorado to press into the fresh apple cider we serve at the Fair. This year a few of our ladies also got 2,500# of apples to turn into a BIG batch (or 5) of apple butter. Delicious spread on a sourdough hearth loaf from … Read more