Homestead Fair


Gardening Preparations

Our gardens have enjoyed all the rain this fall and are looking good! We’ve added some new walkways and removed the original Aquaponics green house. (There’s a new Aquaponics greenhouse near the Brazos Valley Cheese shop on Halbert Lane). Look for the Homestead General Store tent out near the gardens this year as well as … Read more

The Fair Opens This Week!

The Fair opens this Friday at 9:00 AM! We’re all super excited and busily finishing up all the last minute projects. Here’s a few things going on in various places: As you come on to Halbert Lane, you’ll notice a new building to your right; many have wondered “what is it for?” It’s a new … Read more

Fresh Spinach

We have fresh lettuce, spinach and other greens available for purchase at the Aquaponics Greenhouse! All of our vegetables in the Greenhouse are for sale year-round, so stop by to pick up your fresh vegetables during the Fair or anytime afterwards!  

Aquaponics Plants Growing Rapidly

The growing plants inside the warm, long aquaponics greenhouse shoot up and mature rapidly, more so than the plants outdoors. These little guys are sheltered from the constant blowing wind that can stunt the growth of outdoor plants, and their temperatures don’t fluctuate as wildly. You can almost watch them grow! [envira-gallery id=”4600″]

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Come by and see the Aquaponics Greenhouse! We do sell our produce straight out of the greenhouse – you can’t get any more fresh than this! The super large tree inside is a Papaya tree, and it has lots of fruit. The plants are growing beautifully and the fish are swimming about happily in their … Read more

Aquaponics Produce Growing!

Strawberries are beginning to ripen in the Aquaponics Greenhouse! Big, luscious red berries. And tomatoes. Even after being hit with a hard freeze right after they were planted, our tomato plants are still producing red tomatoes in February. If the long and feathery carrot tops are any indication,  the carrots are going to be beautiful and delicious.   [envira-gallery … Read more

Aquaponics In Action

Aquaponics Greenhouse

Here’s a treat for those of you who’ve been following the construction of our new aquaponics building: the greenhouse & system is now complete and functioning! Such a beautiful building, it makes you want to just sit there and watch the greens grow! If you’re living within 200 miles and have any interest in aquaponics, … Read more

Inside The Aquaponics Green House


This weekend in the Green House we transplanted and mulched all of our Strawberry plants. The pathways inside are going in now and some of the carpenters are framing out the Fish Tank while others framed out the doors and windows on the two ends. The lettuce, radishes, carrots and other plants are up! The … Read more

Aquaponics Green House


I ran into gardener Tim Tittley at a music practice and asked about how the plants in the Green House survived our arctic cold blast this past week. Here’s what he said about the plants inside the grow beds: “They all survived and are doing quite well. The tomatoes took a little more of a hit … Read more

Aquaponics – Fish Arriving This Week


We’re getting very close to finishing our Aquaponics Green House! The fish will arrive and be in the tanks this week. Here’s how it works: The fish will live in large tanks in the ground. We will then pump that nutrient rich water up and through the grow beds, which have a layer of small rocks, … Read more