Homestead Fair


Gardening Preparations

Our gardens have enjoyed all the rain this fall and are looking good! We’ve added some new walkways and removed the original Aquaponics green house. (There’s a new Aquaponics greenhouse near the Brazos Valley Cheese shop on Halbert Lane). Look for the Homestead General Store tent out near the gardens this year as well as … Read more

The Fair Opens This Week!

The Fair opens this Friday at 9:00 AM! We’re all super excited and busily finishing up all the last minute projects. Here’s a few things going on in various places: As you come on to Halbert Lane, you’ll notice a new building to your right; many have wondered “what is it for?” It’s a new … Read more

What is it?

So what is this thing? It’s a stainless steel essential oil distiller. Stop by the herb garden this Friday and Saturday to see Teresa and Gretchen explain and demonstrate how to use this distiller to make essential oils from plants such as mint and many other plants that are easily grown in an herb garden. … Read more