Homestead Fair


Hand-Crafted Pottery

Many eager little children have gathered outside and worked with clay to make little sugar spoons, butter dishes and more for the Fair. For some of the smallest, it was their first Fair project! We signed each little work of art and set them to dry for a couple weeks. After the pottery dried, we … Read more

Woodworking from the Smallest Hands

These young boys gathered with their dads, grandfathers and older brothers for some evening woodworking classes this summer in our large woodworking shop at the Homestead Craft Village. For many of these boys, these hand-carved, wooden spoons are their very first wood projects. Now these beautiful spoons are displayed for sale for this weekend’s Homestead … Read more

Sunset on the 32nd Annual Homestead Fair

Sunset on the 32nd Homestead Fair

With full and grateful hearts we want to thank each and every one of the 15,552 visitors who came out to spend these three wonderful days with us at Homestead Fair. Whether you came with with family, brought friends or came alone, we hope you had a wonderful time with us and left with a … Read more

Final Day of Fair

Today is the last day of our 2019 Fair! Your parking passes from Friday and Saturday are good through today as well! If today is your first day out, parking is only $5 at the gate. Please come on out and join us!

Seminar Presentations

Seminars and Presentations run throughout the day, every day. These are easily overlooked yet are one of the most valuable, education and informative opportunities available at the Fair. Our craftsmen, teachers, experts and community members discuss a wide array of topics ranging from simple skills agriculture and sustainability to the interchange between society, religion, education … Read more

Handcrafted Holiday Shopping

Guess what… today is December 1st! Got all your Christmas shopping done yet? If not, come on out to the Craft Pavilion and you will find exquisite one-of-kind handcrafted items that you literally can not find anywhere else in the world. You won’t be disappointed in the selection available.

Make Your Own Activities / Weaving

Kids Young and Old alike can try their hand at dozens of different crafts in the Make-Your-Own tent. Pictured here is Weaving on a Loom, other options include woodworking (make a spoon, birdhouse or sailboat), knitting (headbands, pot holders and more), leatherwork (bookmark or dog collar), pottery (pots!), metal work (a brass spoon or a … Read more